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I'm a second year theatre/media student @ Charles Sturt University, Bathurst in NSW, Australia. I directed Sondheim's "A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM" earlier this year and am looking for a new piece to direct as my 3rd year major work.

What I'm after is a comedu (which has some singing, or is open to having songs put in) that's comic, entertaining and good for a young crowd. Something to keep them in stitches, whilst being visually catchy. I'm not really after anything well-known (like Fame, Lil Shop, Oliver, etc..) but preferably a play written by an "unknown" (bad term, sorry). Any suggestions? Anyone written a good play? Or even a big play that hasn't been done much.

Has anyone here ever directed an original musical? Care to share what it was.

Add me as a friend and discuss if you can help me at all.

Thanks, Brendan
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